Making a Man Ejaculate Fast

The secret to getting a rock hard male orgasm is knowing what to do during love making that will make you get a hard male orgasm


Women have more control over the intensity and duration of their orgasms and therefore they are often more successful in bringing their lover to an orgasm. Men on the other hand have less control over their orgasms so knowing what to do during love making can be the key to making him ejaculate hard and fast.


When you climax, your body will experience some physical signs. When you climax, your heart will beat faster, your breathing will change and your body will become tense. When you reach a climax, an extreme pleasurable sensation is felt by the penis and pelvic area. This is also referred to as the ejaculation, or g-spot.


Once the physical sensation has been reached, the penis will begin to contract and ejaculate, this is referred to as orgasm. While most men have only one orgasm during their sexual lifetime, some men can have multiple orgasms during one sexual session. During a male orgasm the blood flows to the brain, causing it to experience intense pleasure. When a man has multiple orgasms at once, he is said to be having multiple orgasms. If a man has multiple orgasms, he has ejaculated.


Many men try to find out what type of orgasm triggers a man to ejaculate


There are several different types of orgasm triggers that a man can have such as ejaculating with just sex, getting aroused for sex, orgasm during sexual intercourse, and being too stimulated during sex. Understanding what triggers the different types of orgasm can help you understand what you want to do during love making in order to get that rock hard male orgasm that you have always wanted.



Learning about orgasm triggers can help you know what position to use that will make you orgasm during love making. Knowing the position that you are in when you orgasm will help you know what to do to make him ejaculate and keep him from ejaculating and prolonging his orgasm.


Sex positions are one of the best ways that you can make a man ejaculate because it is one of the quickest ways to have sex that will have him ejaculate. Using sex positions that are going to ejaculate can be done during love making or in a foreplay to make it last longer. Knowing about the sex positions that are going to produce a longer ejaculation can give you more control over how long and harder you want to make a man ejaculate.


One thing that women don't think about is that men are very sensitive during sex and that means that during sex a lot of friction that can cause a man to ejaculate. If a man ejaculates too early during sex, it can cause him to ejaculate too fast or too much. If a man has sex that way, he might be having an orgasm that is not as good as if he were to go slow and go through more intense sexual contact with his partner.


If a man knows that his partner is going to ejaculate soon after sex, he can delay having sex to a certain amount of time after the intercourse. This allows him to have more time to go through his orgasm and therefore last longer. This helps him to have sex that is more pleasurable for both men and women. With more sex, men are able to learn to last longer and enjoy sex even more.

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