Dengue Fever in the US


Dengue fever is an infection caused by the bites of an infected mosquito carrying any of four of the seven main Dengue virus strains. It results in high fever, extreme headache, pain behind the eyes, muscle pain, and joint pain. The mosquitoes that carry the disease are primarily in tropical regions so travelers coming into the US can come into the country with dengue fever from other countries.


When traveling to these locations a traveler may also come in contact with another species of mosquito that carries another strain of the D.F. The disease is not spread easily from person to person so it is important for travelers to learn about the types of mosquitoes, they will be exposed to when coming to these regions.


The common name "Dengue Fever" comes from the first mosquito type, Culex, that was discovered in Indonesia. The name "dengue" came about after the word "dengue" was misspelled in the dictionary. The name was changed to "dengue fever" and the first cases were documented in China. Now the disease is known all over the world.


In most cases, a traveler coming into the US with dengue will encounter a local mosquito that is carrying a different strain of the D.F. This type of mosquito can be found in any tropical region so travelers arriving in the US can come into the country with either dengue or no dengue. A traveler coming to the USA with no dengue will likely have some type of protective clothing.


A traveler coming to the US with dengue will likely be exposed to an infected mosquito while walking around


This is one way the disease spreads but there are other ways it can be spread as well. One way is by sharing shoes and another is through touching an infected object.


If a person is not aware of the ways in which their travel destination can cause a traveler to come into contact with an infected mosquito, they will be at risk of developing the disease. For example people who go to the Amazon for camping often run into infected mosquitoes.


If a person is going to a beach, they will be more likely to be exposed to dengue than a hotel or tourist area. Because the environment is much more humid than a hotel or tourist area, there is more chance for people to come into contact with infected mosquitoes. Most beaches are not well equipped to deal with the spread of the disease so travelers should take care while camping.


There are many different mosquito species in areas of the world so it is important for travelers to know about them before heading out. This knowledge will help them understand what they should do if they come into contact with an infected mosquito. Knowing the symptoms of dengue and knowing what to do if you become ill can be the difference between being able to get some treatment or having to wait for weeks or months to find a doctor.


There are some things that travelers can do if they develop the possible dengue infection. Some of these things include drinking lots of water and using mosquito repellents on the skin. Some people use medicated oils to help reduce the possibility of coming into contact with an infected mosquito.


Travelers coming into the US need to be especially careful when staying in a hotel or resort room. The hotel rooms that cater to tourists are often the ones that are the most prone to being infected with dengue.


Travelers need to know how to clean their rooms especially if they are staying in a guest room that has a mosquito net. If a traveler has to use a mosquito net the room needs to be vacuumed regularly to remove any possible dengue mosquitoes.


Travelers need to take the time to practice some basic prevention techniques. For example, using a mosquito repellent is important if they plan on going camping. In addition, travelers need to stay away from any area that has an area where mosquitoes lay their eggs.

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