Why You Need to Know Your Blood Pressure By Age

Knowing how to measure blood pressure with an electrocardiogram is one of the best ways to determine the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and kidney failure in people of all ages. Blood pressure is measured using two values, namely 'mmHg' and 'millimeters of mercury'. For example, the ideal blood pressure is 100 over 60 or 100/60mmHg. The higher the number, the higher the blood pressure.


In order to know the normal blood pressure level, a health professional takes the measurement of the systolic and the diastolic pressure from the artery to the cuff. The cuff is placed on the arm in a way that it rests under the arm bone. This measurement is then taken with a probe placed directly on the artery to the cuff.


The electrocardiogram is used to look for abnormalities in heart rhythm. If the arteries do not get enough blood flow or if it is restricted to a small area of the heart, it is considered as arteriosclerosis and may lead to heart disease and stroke. The blood that should go to the heart gets blocked because of the obstruction caused by atherosclerosis. When this happens, pressure on the artery and the heart increase.


A lot of complications can arise from these arteriosclerosis conditions including heart diseases and strokes. For this reason, it is essential to be able to monitor your blood pressure regularly so you will be able to determine if there are any changes in your heart and blood vessels.


To measure blood pressure by age, it is important to remember that not everyone reacts to the same medications or has the same health conditions. Therefore, when you are getting the measurements done, you should be told the type of medication that is being used for the purpose. There are several types of electrocardiograms to choose from: Doppler and ECG. The Doppler measures the frequency of the beating of the heart's rhythm by the use of light rays and sound waves.


On the other hand, ECG measures the action of the blood on the walls of the arteries. When the pressure of the blood on the artery increases, it becomes harder for the blood to pass through it. This action of the blood makes the blood expand in the area where it passes through the artery.


High blood pressure affects people of all ages. It can start at an early age when the body is still growing. Typically, high blood pressure can occur at a young age or develop later in life.


Other medical conditions also cause high blood pressure


These include infections, heart attacks, tumors, excessive alcohol consumption, diabetes, smoking, pregnancy and birth control pills, and certain medical conditions. Therefore, when you have an electrocardiogram, you should inform your doctor about the possible side effects that may occur with the medication you are taking. You can treat diabetes with a natural supplement Diamin.


The pulse oximeter helps you in measuring your blood pressure with the help of a simple pulse. The amount of oxygen that enters the blood is monitored by the body and then the levels of it are displayed on the screen. The oxygen level depends on the amount of carbon dioxide that the body uses up. Thus, you can tell how much oxygen your body needs to maintain a normal heart rate.


Medical experts have also established that an early sign of the disease is usually lower than normal levels of oxygen in the blood. This makes a person more susceptible to the illness. This is why you need to monitor your blood pressure regularly and take necessary steps if there is something wrong with your heart.


Blood pressure is also affected by the environment. This is why you should consider the air you breathe when you are doing your blood pressure measurements. If you have to stay in a place that is dry, then the oxygen you breathe comes from outside the house through your breathing.


So, the next time you are feeling fatigued and not as active as usual, you should not think that you are getting a healthy heart because your blood pressure is fine. Instead, you should consider having yourself checked out by a doctor. You need to know your options to better control your health.



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