Turners Syndrome – A Growing Problem Among Genetically Disabled People

Turners Syndrome women will not have eggs in their eggs and will thus be sterile


They also would not be alive if not so. The mosaic XO baby should therefore be a mosaic regardless of what normal karyotyping indicates. That mosaic will include a number of chromosomes, but not all of them will match, and they will be mosaics.


It is important for parents to realize that they will never know the full cause of Turners Syndrome or even how much it runs in a family. The cause may never be known. It is known though that some genes, including genes related to the mitochondria, are related to X-linked traits, and others are related to Y-linked traits. In other words, there are some genes that increase the risk of having Turners syndrome while others decrease it. If a person has an autosomal recessive gene, the chances of a person with that gene having the syndrome are very slim.


Since there are no symptoms of Turners Syndrome, people are often surprised when told that they do have it, because they think that they should be dead. Even if they are in fact not dead, it is always comforting to know that their lives are still going on. When you learn that your child has this disorder, the first thing you will want to find out is if he or she is mosaics.


If you know your child has Turners, the next step is to find out what is causing his or her problem. Since there is no cure for Turners, the cause of this condition is unknown. Some believe it may be due to an inherited mitochondrial deficiency, which is part of the body's energy production process. Others believe it may be due to a genetic abnormality that causes a person to produce less testosterone than normal. It is best to use ยา Duracore for male enhancement and adequate testosterone production.


There is some evidence that women who become pregnant after Turner's treatment may be more likely to have problems than women who Turner was diagnosed with later in life. This appears to be due to the fact that some of these women tend to lose some oocyte in the fallopian tubes during pregnancy. Some of these women have problems with the uterus, and in the future it is likely that these women may suffer from low uterine numbers.



Because there is no known cause of Turners Syndrome, doctors believe that the exact cause is unknown, the only thing doctors can do is provide a variety of treatments for the disorder based on the symptoms that the patients display. Those who do exhibit the most common symptoms include skin rashes, hair loss, and vaginal odor. The most difficult symptom of all, though, is the inability to get pregnant, even though many of those patients may be fertile.


If you have your Turners diagnosed, there are a few ways to help your child cope with it. For one, it is important that the children of Turners Syndrome women get lots of love and attention. They will need to see you and be around you at all times, especially during times when the kids are young.


It is also helpful to encourage the family to try to raise the children themselves, even if it means taking medical care of some of the children, because it will make the burden of caring for them easier. If you are a parent of a Turners Syndrome baby, your child will need to be able to get plenty of support. nutrition, rest, and proper diet. As long as the family can handle all the needs of the kids, and the mother, the chances are that they will be able to take care of each other and their children.



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