Tips on How to Decorate Wedding Halls

Transforming a large white-walled empty room or aging basement into beautiful wedding halls, such as those found at The Grand Olympia, is easy when done with creativity and some help from the wedding party. Once the chairs and tables have been embellished with the right wedding colors, and rope lights and twinkling candles provide a warm glow to the room, wedding halls will please any couple.

Here are tips on how to decorate wedding halls:

1. Come up with a list of all key features you want to include before the day allotted for decorations. Include a list of items to purchase, make, borrow, and rent. Gather all of the decorative items and sort these into boxes and totes for transport to the wedding hall.

2. Clean up the wedding hall whenever necessary. Clean the bathrooms, mop up the floors, and sweep off the entrance. Spray neutralizers and room fresheners. Open doors and windows to allow the flow of fresh air while unpacking the decors.

3. Arrange all chairs and tables. Press chair covers and tablecloths. Dress up the tables with skirting, tablecloths, and overlay cloths to be used. Gather together the chair covers, and complete it with bows that have contrasting colors to the tablecloths, or use seatback decors, such as clip-on butterflies or small flower bouquets.

4. Take care of the table centerpieces. Place all nonperishable preparations at the center of the dining tables. Lay out candles, but do not light these until a few minutes before the guests arrive. Store fruits, chocolates, candies, or other perishables in a cool place until a few minutes before the arrival of the guests.

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