Regenerative Leadership Institute: Socio-Economic Viability

Economic growth of a country greatly depends on the social aspect of its people. At this level, social lives of citizens should not be disregarded whatsoever. Most of you will agree with me that peoples daily activities translate to their economic lives. Regenerative Leadership Institute is in terms with the fact that economy of a region can only be viable if that particular region have a defined aspect of social life.

For economic development of regions, states and even countries, it is important for the Governments to monitor keenly, support and nature the social aspect of their lives. A practical example would be the Maasai community of Kenya and some parts of Uganda in East Africa whose social life and culture is contributing to about 15% of Gross National Income through tourism. It is evident here how simple things that can easily be ignored proves of be important.

Regenerative Leadership Institute urges the administrations to promote economic viability of regions through their social lives. In this way, they will be able to realize improved income to the total national tally.

In short, Regenerative Leadership Institute has an insight for economic development through the conservation and protection of social lives, a move that can be dubbed social life for economic viability.