Paper Vs Online Wedding Invitations Whats Good For You?

If you have used social networking sites then you must be familiar how convenient it is to stay in touch with your family or friends with their help. But when it comes to the most important day of your life i.e. your wedding day, should you send paper or online wedding invitations? Well here are some merits and demerits that will help you in deciding:

Money spent

Paper: These invites consume a lot of money as a lot is spent in invites, envelopes, mailings.

Online: It is budget friendly as you can search on the net for free invitation templates. If you dont have enough time left to send invites then you must go for them as they are time saving also. You can also get Email Online Wedding Save the Dates that WOW! from

Miss Manners

Paper: From your Grandma to your company CEO, paper wedding invitations may be the only way to properly announces forthcoming weddings.

Online: Some of your family and friends may even like your idea and consider you as tech-savvy enough to send online invites.


Paper: They are efficient as you can easily know that the invite has been received or not. If the guest has moved his location then you will get the invite back letting you know that it has not been received.

Online: People do change their email address and the message can also get lost in spam messages. The guest will not be able to receive them if they do not have access to internet and is such a scenario you will have to look for another alternative to invite them.