How to Choose Keywords for Google AdWords in Ireland

Testing or using the wrong keywords can have a negative effect on the return on investment of a Google AdWords advertising campaign, such as those provided by ePresence Online Marketing. The keywords you select can help figure out not only the target audience that sees the online ads, but also how efficiently the ads encourage users to click a link that leads to your website, and generate leads. You can deliberately select keywords for an AdWords campaign with the help of some tools already provided by AdWords and by placing yourself in the shoes of customers.

Here are tips on how to choose keywords for Google AdWords:

1. Figure out how narrow or broad a target audience is to reach through your Google AdWords campaign. The smaller the target audience, the more specific your keywords have to be. For instance, the keyword phrase outdoor soccer shoes will appear in the search engine results pages of a smaller audience than a broader phrase such as shoes.

2. Consider the keyword phrases people use in searches when looking for your product or service. Stay away from nonsensical keywords or jargon that consumers are less likely to understand or be acquainted with. For instance, select the keyword taxes in place of revenue enhancement for an online campaign that endorses services for tax preparation.

3. Enter a keyword you intend to use in your online campaigns into the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to look for related phrases or synonyms that users are highly likely to look for. For instance, you may think about using similar terms such as physical therapist and physical therapy clinic if the main keyword is physical therapy.