Google To Discontinue Orkut Website

As of September 2014, social media site Orkut will cease to operate. Although Google conducted a developer’s conference last week, the company gave no hint of the move. Earlier rumors had circulated about Google downsizing its Google+ operations.

Google Engineering Director Paul Golgher noted that YouTube, Google+ and Blogger have all prospered during the past 10 years, faring much better than Orkut, which began operations in 2004 as the brainchild of Orkut Buyukkokten as part of the company’s “20% project. The site, popular in India and Brazil, began to fall on hard times after Facebook surged ahead in 2012.

Most site activity will cease on September 30, but pictures data and posts will be available until September 2016. Individuals using the site can export their data using Google’s Takeout. Only Orkut profiles will export directly to Google+, although photos may be moved to Google+Photos.

Neither will the Orkut mobile app be available from Google Play or through Apple’s app Store. This service will also shut down in three months. Quickoffice, an app for Android and iOS, will also disappear. Quickoffice helped users with Excel spreadsheets, Word files and PowerPoint presentations on smartphones and tablets.

Google has recommended users contact publishers about the continuation of games on Orkut. Those that are not on other websites will, most likely, disappear.