Free Tips For SEO Design

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it can be described as a technique to rank your blog or website in Google search results. Working on a new client project or of your in-house project like designing a site for your own company may be exciting if all depend on you about how to plan and implement. While focusing on look or layout, other issues like SEO and web usability are neglected or placed below in priority list. But neglecting SEO or web usability issues in your site design may affect your site to perform well in long term and in that case your business will suffer.

While designing a site, whether it is an e-commerce site or business-to-business lead generating site, always remember just look or layout of the site to make it attractive is never more important than SEO and website usability that help a site to perform it well and to grow business. For any website, los angeles search engine optimization factors and all elements of website usability are so important to perform it well in its initial stage as well as in long-term.

Here are some basic tips for SEO design, web usability and higher web site conversion on a new site design you must follow on priority basis while designing a new site:

1. Place logo of the company at the top left and linked it to your home page.

2. Position of your main keywords with H1 tag at the top left side of your site and also make your main keywords bold or strong twice or thrice depending on size of paragraph and link it to your home page or your relevant page.

3. If you are using flash or animation limit flash to specific, strategic areas for color and contrast. Avoid all flash site pages and avoid embedding relevant, keyword rich content in flash.

4. Less scrolling and less eye movement is also important which bounds a user to stay longer and leads to higher conversion.

5. Use alignment to separate different information from different sources and navigation and visual anchors should be same on each page. There are many more ways of designing which you can search on online websites.