Designs And Users Of Nalgene Water Bottles

Nalgene bottles are designed to be a popular plastic product. Manufacturers claim they are BPA free and therefore safe for keeping liquids at any given temperatures without the possibility of leaching. For promotional purposes, many businesses are using these bottles to promote their sales. Companies use their logos on the bottles to be placed at strategic places like bike trails and work desks. They also are ideal for promoting outdoor goods and sporting goods stores. Because of the plastic used to make them, they can take rough handling without losing their value, color or shape. Their lids are leak-proof thus preventing leakages even during rough rides in harsh terrains or during tough sporting activities.

Nalgene bottles are used by all the age groups. Kids love carrying water or juice to school. They are assured of maximum safety, as there are no leakages when they carry liquids in their bags. Sportspeople are not complete without water. Most of them strap the bottles on their shoulders especially during mountain climbing episodes. The bottles are an image builder to many people. Most office workers display the latest models to build their reputation. They come in different capacities, offering a perfect choice for campers and those who love picnics as well as family outings.