Bradley vs Marquez, the Fight You Should Not Miss

This coming October 12, leave your work, and absent from your school to watch the fight between Tim Bradley and Manuel Marquez as this is the fight that you should not miss according to some boxing analysts.

Both boxers are pre-determined and is willing to win against the other. He who will win will have a big recognition from Top Rank and a big chance that he will be fighting the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr and earn as much as money as he can. Considering that Floyd Mayweather is the highest paid athlete in the whole world, he who fights him will surely earn much cash or money after the fight, whether he will win or lose.

Tim Bradley must be serious with his training and to this fight as being rumored that his win over Pacquiao was a bad decision and it is clearly stated that the fight was cheated and a wrong decision from the judges has given. Then if that is the case, Tim Bradley must do his best to win over Marquez and prove to both his fans and Pacquiaos fans that the decision was right and no need for a rematch as he is stronger than Pacquiao.

Watch Bradley vs Marquez on the fight night through HBO Pay per view.