Add Glamour To The Property With Glass Pool Fencing

After installing a top of the line swimming pool with added features such as fountains, spas, waterfalls and the like the best way to add the protection required by Australian safety standards is with a fantastic glass pool fence. This is the best fencing product to enhance the beauty of the pool while providing plenty of protection.

Superior quality safety pool fencing glass and marine grade hardware are the keys to both the durability and wonderful appearance of glass pool fences installed by the most reputable contractors. The experts rely on the materials that are manufactured in Australia because of their consistent dependability. Then, with precision measurement and construction techniques they create fences that last for many years and add to the aesthetic appeal and value of the property.

Versatility is one of the attractive features of glass pool fencing. The glass panels can be tinted, frosted or etched with designs for decorative appeal and they can also be curved as well as flat for interest or the ability to fit into tight spaces. The stainless steel hardware is naturally appealing but during an electro finishing process for added corrosion resistance, colour and texture can be added to match the glass.

Installation options also add to the visual appeal and functionality of glass pool fences. The panels fit onto the narrow edges of the pool itself or decks, patios, walkways and down steps. This allows the pool area to be integrated into the overall property and landscape plan. The pool is not separated from the rest of the entertaining area and swimmers never have the feeling of being caged in.

Along with these creative construction choices there is plenty of opportunity to dress up the area with gardens, planters, lighting and other landscaping features. A beautiful, relaxing environment is simple to achieve with the installation of quality glass pool fencing.